Pie or Pecker?

A recent discussion turned into a debate over who would win in a scrap. The Magpie or the Woodpecker. Specifically the Great Spotted Woodpecker. Harry Hill has done this before, but only with silly people in even sillier outfits. No. Over the coming months this blog will be host to the “Who would win? Pie or Pecker?” This is to be an adult and detailed analysis of how hard each bird is and how their relative strengths and weaknesses could be used to advantage.

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One Response to Pie or Pecker?

  1. Bully says:

    We are visited by a pecker on a regular basis. It is a bird with a beautiful plumage and can hang upsidedown off our birdfeeder. It can therefore drill a magpie’s beak off, suck the magpie’s dinner out of it’s mouth then spit it back all over the magpie’s face, all the while hanging upsidedown.

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