They’ve Just Kissed!

Each other! The kiss was marvelous. No tongues, just a simple, plain indication of their love for each other. Their marriage is now consumated, or consomme as they say in France.

And now, live on BBC1, Kate Middleton is about to present the news about her marriage.

The filling has now been cooked.

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They are now married!

Hurrah for Kate, Hurrah for William and Hurrah for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as the Commonwealth and various protectorates. We all await eagerly the official balcony kiss which may look something like this.

The pastry cases are in the oven and are being blind baked for another 6 minutes. I’m going to make a start on the filling shortly.

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Almost There!

They’re almost married now! Everything went to plan, just the registry signing and stuff to go, plus the mile long walk back out of the church. The bishops seemed to go on a bit, but I suppose they don’t get to an awful lot of weddings involving a Prince and a newsreader.

The pastry discs have been cut and are in the fridge.

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The Right Royal Wedding

Today, Prince William will marry Kate Middleton, radio broadcaster and newsreader who only just got married herself.

You can follow all of the action, from the build up to the vows through to the post coital cigar, wedding breakfast, here at the official blog of the Royal Wedding.

I’m making some special tarts.

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Bread. Baker!

Baker. Bread!

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Huge Environmental Disaster.

That’s what it says here.

It is Slough, I suppose, and it’s quite a nice pond. On the other hand, four and a half thousand litres of liquid soap against 4.5 billion OSSPs of crude oil…..

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Olympic Sized Oil Pools

While the Gulf of Mexico (if it had been Texaco instead of BP the papers would have had one pun to share between them) has made headlines there has been no mention of how many Olympic Sized Swimming Pools (OSSPs) of oil has been leaked.


According to this link, the olympic sized swimming pool contains at least 2.5 million litres of water and piss and the occasional shite.

According to this link, the estimated flow of oil from the ruptured pipe line in the Gulf of Mexico is about 4 million litres (max) per day.

This is about 1.6 olympic sized simming pools per day. The blast happened on the 20th April. That was 37 days ago. 37 times 1.6 (or 1,6 for any continental readers) means about 37 * 1.6 Olympic sized swimming pools of oil have ended up in the sea because of the issue.

37 * 1.6. Blimey. That’s


If you want to know more about Olympic Sized Swimming Pools, go here

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